Questions You May Have

How does Autire help increase realization?

Autire helps improve realization in several ways. It handles the import and automatic analysis of payroll and census data sets. It maps its results, recommendations, and status to an intuitive dashboard where an auditor can more quickly and more efficiently manage completion tasks. And, by design, an Autire-enabled audit eliminates the cost and time of a client visit to assemble and intake paper documents. Our results consistently demonstrate a high-quality audit completed in less than 30 professional hours. This compares to a traditional audit process that often consumes more than 100 hours.

What is the cost to use Autire?

Autire is licensed on a per plan basis each year. Talk to us about your 401k audit practice for best volume pricing.

Does our subscription cover one person or our team?

Your Autire license includes access to the audit team serving the plan. It’s typical to have one or more auditors assigned to plan work and a manager or partner assigned to oversee and approve work. Autire supports each of these roles.

How do we get trained on Autire?

The best way to learn to use Autire is to put it work on a real 401k audit. Our expert team will walk through each step of the process with you to assure your comfort, understanding of system features and logic, and to help you produce a complete, professional result.

Who founded Autire Technologies?

Autire Technologies was founded by Brian Price of PriceKubecka, PLLC along with technology partners. Brian and team bring more than 25 years of CPA and auditing experience to Autire.