Better for you, better for clients

Autire is built expressly for CPAs who perform 401k financial audits.

Better means . . .

Automation and validation for a streamlined auditor experience

Analyzing full-year payroll and census rather than sampling that may miss errors

Less burden and cost for companies whose 401k plans require a financial audit

Autire is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering for CPAs who audit 401k plans. Autire is built from the ground up to optimize the audit process by importing and analyzing critical data sets and by streamlining the auditor’s process.

Autire makes the auditor experience better in five important ways:


Audit from where you are

Traditional audits require an onsite visit. It’s costly and inconvenient to the client and less than optimal to you. Autire eliminates the need for an onsite visit to collect or review data manually.


Process Management / Audit Success Dashboard

Autire organizes all audit steps and indicates where action or flow up is needed. It keeps teams on course and makes oversight easier.


Full Year Data vs. Sample Data

Because of the time it takes to manually review and analyze payroll, census, and participant activity against plan specifications and regulatory rules, most auditors spot check activity. Autire imports and analyzes all payroll periods and activity to validate proper processing or identify issues comprehensively.


Automated Data Analysis Creates Confidence

Autire’s automatic data validation and analysis alert auditors to problems that can otherwise take many hours to discover, if at all. That’s a better audit.


Less client time needed to support the audit

A typical 401k audit takes more than 100 hours to complete (industry average). A team using Autire can complete the same audit in less than 30 hours with greater confidence in the result. Greater realization. That’s a better audit, for sure.

And, year over year, the process just gets easier.

A better client experience

Let’s face it, no client looks forward to the cost or inconvenience of an audit.

Autire improves the client experience in three important ways:

Less client time needed to support the audit

Eliminates the need to perform the audit onsite

Makes it possible to rationally reduce the audit fee

It’s time to leave behind tedious, inefficient, manual processes that drive down realization, burn out staff, and leaves clients inconvenienced and frustrated.

It’s time for Autire.

Call to request a demo and turn 401k audits into a real business opportunity.