The Better Way To Do EBP Audits

Turn an audit process headache into a business opportunity with Autire

An error-free 401k audit in less than 30 Hours

Less than 5 hours of client time and no site visits

Increase realization of professional time

At Autire, we know you want a 401k audit process that takes less time to produce, eases the burden on your team, and passes peer review.

The problem is

Too many audits are done with tedious manual processes that drive down realization and burn out staff.

It’s inefficient for you and leaves clients inconvenienced and frustrated.

100+ Hours? Not anymore.

We know what it’s like to spend more than 100 hours in producing a single 401k audit. As CPA 401k auditors, ourselves, we’ve done thousands of plan audits.

That’s why we created Autire, cloud-hosted software that makes it possible to complete an error-free audit in less than 30 hours.

It’s easy to get started on Autire:

We’ll set your firm up on the Autire platform

We’ll train your lead 401k auditor(s) on a better way to manage a complete audit

We’ll support your success as you grow

Use Autire for three 401k audits at no cost to prove how it can work for your practice.

No commitment required. No strings attached. We’re here to make it easy.

Call to request a demo and get ready to enjoy a better audit process!

Increase realization

Improve client satisfaction

Turn 401k audits into real business opportunities